Vintage Magazines Found in Abandoned Victorian Reform School

(All images by Tom Blackwell, licensed under CC-NC-2.0)

Photographer Tom Blackwell snapped these vintage magazines resting on a work bench inside the abandoned Eastmoor Reformatory in Yorkshire, England.  Some date from the same era as the relics featured in our wildly successful article about vintage posters discovered at Notting Hill Gate Tube Station during a recent upgrade.

The magazines include a May 1960 edition of Practical Woodworking, offering a free blueprint for a “P.W. Car Port and Workshop”.  Also present on the dusty bench is a guide to the use of Electricity in horticulture – a practice developed significantly during the 1960s, which perhaps made this a cutting edge publication in its day.

Dotted around the magazines are leaflets for local companies and events such as Cliff Bank Nurseries and the Shadwell Flower Show.  An advert for “Thorns Fine Buildings for Home and Industry” can also be seen at the bottom of one publication.

Eastmoor Reformatory School was a detention facility opened in 1857 to teach young offenders the practical skills necessary to conduct a meaningful life.  These magazines were doubtless a part of that effort.  Eastmoor closed in 1973, and has been abandoned ever since.  For more information, don’t miss our full feature.

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