The Poetic yet Terrifying Post-Apocalyptic Art of Christophe Dessaigne

(Images copyright of Christophe Dessaigne)

Some parts of our planet are a graveyard of lost civilizations, and you don’t have to travel far to find some vestige of a bygone age.  But have you ever considered that, one day, a modern culture might walk among the “ancient” ruins of our own world?  These terrifying yet dreamlike images are the work of French photographer and digital artist Christophe Dessaigne.  Visions of a post-apocalyptic kingdom, the dim light rising beyond a barren wasteland of crumbling buildings and twisted skyscrapers represents the last dawn at the end of the world.

The images depict a lone survivor picking his way between towering monuments that are both physical and metaphorical.  The traveller’s identity is hidden behind a gas mask, which is revelatory of what brought about this tragic dystopia but also representative of urban explorers who often wear gas masks to hide their faces in photographs.

Christophe’s website, Midnight-Artwork, explains: “His creations are open doors to fantastic and dreamy horizons where digital photography serves the fanciful imagery of surrealist photomontages. His universes are desolate, vast and insubstantial. Gigantic scaled structures rule the landscapes, dwarfing human beings to the size of ants.”

Christophe Dessaigne lives in the southern French town of Perpignan on the Mediterranean coast.  His work has appeared in cover art books and CD covers in Europe, and has recently been featured in Advanced Creations and PSD Photoshop Magazine.  Explore more of his work at Midnight-Artwork, and visit his full Flickr set here.  For more chilling post-apocalyptic visions, check out these articles on WebUrbanist by Delana and Steve.

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