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Aircraft are a landmark development of human history, and changed the course of the 20th century.  They connect us with distant parts of the world in ways that ships and railways never could, and have been adapted for passenger travel, air transport, fire fighting, search and rescue and, of course, as weapons of war.  But like cars and trains, aircraft have a shelf-life and are often recycled when their time comes.  Sometimes, however, they’re just abandoned, often in remote areas, along with the airfields and bases that once served them.

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(Images: Steven Brown, CC-SA-2.0; Missy S, CC-ND-2.0; and Google Earth)

Some abandoned airfields are former military bases, often witnessing great acts of history and steeped in military tradition. In Britain, hundreds of airfields were built hurriedly during World War Two and reverted back to farmland a few years later when hostilities ceased. Their extensive infrastructures often linger on today, with vast runways, hangars or sometimes just crumbling control towers to tell the story of their wartorn plight – and glory.

Abandoned Airfields and Airbases

(Images: Reagan Blundell, cc-sa-2.0; Google Earth)

Wittstock Airbase, Germany: The extensive ruins of this former Soviet military base once housed the feared MiG-29 Fulcrum fighter jet, along with a quota of MiG-23 Floggers.  Later used by the German Air Force before falling into dereliction, the long runway at Wittstock Airbase (also known as Daber-Alt) is now used for car racing, while the hangars provide space for music events, including the summer Fullmoon Festival.  But despite its newfound usage, much of the vast site stands abandoned, with most of its original buildings still extant in various states of disrepair.


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