8 Creepy Abandoned Hospitals, Hotels and Schools

Hotels, hospitals and schools are three institutions that rely on guests, patients and pupils to keep them functioning.  Take those elements away and the buildings can’t remain open for long.  While some survive the test of time, many rise and fall due to population decline, reduced demand, improved care and so on, leaving only memories – not all of them pleasant – and photographs.  Or, in the case of these eight sorry structures: deserted rooms, crumbling corridors and spooky staircases to nowhere.

Abandoned Hotel, Lebanon

(Images: craigfinlay, CC-2.0)

Beirut has come a long way since the bloody Lebanese Civil War of 1975-1990.  In 2009, Lonely Planet listed Beirut as one of the 10 liveliest cities in the world, while The New York Times named it the top place to visit.  But residents are divided over the loss of the city’s Ottoman and French colonial architecture.  This beautiful yet derelict hotel reflects the changing times, as developers and investors favour the concrete jungle over the historic.  Photographer Craig Finlay said: “The stairways were all demolished or sealed off with bricks, but… I’m gonna go back and find the heart of this place. it has secrets it wants to reveal to me.”

Hotel Sayao, Navarra, Spain

(Images: mimentza, CC-2.0)

But not all abandoned hotels are bricked-up both internally and externally.  The scene at Hotel Sayoa in the Navarra region of Spain seems more like one of rapid desertion, where staff and residents left in a hurry without emptying the premises first.  Dishevelled but certainly not destroyed, the old guest book at the reception desk and abundance of furniture suggest this is a relatively new abandonment.


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