Gary, Indiana: 8 Amazing Abandonment Images

Image by Яick Harris / CC BY-SA 2.0

Gary, Indiana was built in 1906 around the new United States Steel Corporation plant, and named after chairman Elbert H. Gary.  The elegance of early 20th century architecture is reflected in many of the city’s buildings.  But this only serves to make Gary mysterious and somewhat bizarre – because many of these grand structures are rotting away in dereliction.

Image by BWChicago

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The city fell into depression during the 1960s after the steel industry disintegrated and has never managed to recover.  If a building could be frozen in time, the old Gary Palace (above) would serve as the perfect example, appearing to display the name of the last act to play there (whether or not they ever did) – The Jackson Five.  With the recent death of the legendary King of Pop, it’s a wonder this place has not become some sort of unofficial shrine.

Images by Яick Harris

The Gary Methodist Church (above) is a grand building that has remained empty for decades.  Any echoes of songs and sermons have long since dissipated, but the purpose and grandeur of the building are not in any doubt.

Image by Яick Harris

Signs of a more prosperous time, it’s is almost as if the resident of this apartment simply turned off the television one day and walked out the house forever…

Image by craigfinlay

The purpose of this building is not immediately clear.  It has the look of an old cinema, but curiously only has two rows of seats.  Perhaps it’s the auditorium of an abandoned school?  Whatever its original purpose, the vandals and graffiti artists have now paid a visit.

Image by joguldi

Perhaps the most grand of all is Gary’s Neoclassical railway station.  True to many stations of its age, the building is grand and commanding.  It also looks to be in relatively good condition, although only time will tell whether the city’s slight resurgence will render its renovation economically viable.  It appears to be in a better state than Detroit’s iconic but extremely abandoned railway hub!

Image by Zachary Perlinski

(Image licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic)

Gary, Indiana is a town that’s  spooky, faded, ugly yet grand, depressed and extremely impressive all at the same time.  The eerie building above captures all these feelings, and many others besides.

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