10 Amazing “Above-Water” Shipwrecks

Lake Ontario, Canada

Image by shane2u

Can anyone fill in the blanks in on this one?  Name of vessel?  How it came to be washed-up here?  What is known is that this amazingly intact shipwreck can be found on the shores of Lake Ontario.  And if you think this is cool, the lake has a plethora of wrecks – some of them commanding important places in history.

SS Maheno, Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

Image by NeilsPhotography

Fraser Island off the coast of Queensland in Australia is the largest sand island in the world and a breathtaking place to visit.  But its most notable man-made landmark is easily the wreck of the SS Maheno.  The Maheno had a varied history: built in Scotland in 1905 as a luxury passenger liner for the trans-Tasman crossings, it served as a hospital ship in the English Channel during before being declared outdated in 1935.  That same year, the ship was being towed to Melbourne when a cyclone struck, setting it adrift for several days before it finally became beached on Fraser Island.  It has since been used for target practise by the Royal Australian Air Force and is now a popular tourist attraction.  More than three storeys of the vessel are reportedly buried beneath the sand.


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