10 Amazing “Above-Water” Shipwrecks

Point Reyes, California

Image by Orin Zebest

It might not be the most impressive looking wreck of all time, but the photographer has done a nice job of capturing the eponymous Point Reyes fishing boat.

The Kakapo, Cape Town

Image by HelgaRainbow

The two remaining propeller blades framing a rusty old boiler is all that remains of the Kakapo, which ran aground on May 26, 1900.  On that fateful night, the Kakapo left Cape Town bound for Sydney, reportedly shrouded in “mist and fog”.  The captain turned sharp east when he saw what he thought was Cape Point, which would have allowed him to cruise into False Bay.  But unbeknown to him, what he had actually seen was Chapman’s Peak, and instead of turning into False Bay he rammed the ship on Noordhoek Beach, where it has been slowly rotting away for the last century.  The Cape of Good Hope is known for its treacherous conditions, and was originally called The Cape of Storms.  Since 1918, the Slangkop Lighthouse has ensured subsequent captains have not made the same mistake.


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