Another Place: Artistic Statues by Antony Gormley

Another Place 1

Another Place is a sculpture by Antony Gormley, consisting of 100 cast iron figures facing out to sea.  The statues, like much of his work, are modelled on Gormley himself, and can be found at Crosby Beach near Liverpool, on England’s north west coast.  They cover a two mile stretch of beach and emerge eerily from the sea as the tides retreat.

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The figures, which stand at 6 feet 2 inches tall, were cast at Hargreaves Foundry in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and Joseph and Jesse Siddons Foundry in West Bromwich.  Unsurprisingly, the figures have been at the centre of local controversy in the Crosby area.  Some see them as pornographic due to their nakedness, while water sports fans have, quite reasonably, complained about the hazard caused by the statues at high tide.  But despite this, Another Place has boosted the local economy and increased tourism in the area.

Another Place 2

Before coming to Crosby Beach, Gormley’s figures were exhibited on beaches in Germany, Norway and Belgium.  Further controversy ensued with plans to move the figures to New York in November 2006, but these have now been thwarted by the local council’s pledge to grant permanent planning permission for the internationally acclaimed art work.  Gormley himself called the position of Crosby Beach “ideal” and said that he’d observed members of the public to be intrigued, amused and moved by the sculpture.  Gormley also created the Angel of the North.

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