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  • Urban Decay: 7 Abandoned Swimming Pools

    Urban Decay: 7 Abandoned Swimming Pools

    Urban decay is often at its most poignant in former recreational buildings, such as old cinemas. Abandoned swimming baths also have a unique character to them, often with ornate tiling and elaborate iron work decorating their balconies and staircases. Designed to offer a touch of elegance, stepping inside is like travelling through time.

  • Furniture Carved from the Timbers of “The Fighting Temeraire”

    Furniture Carved from the Timbers of “The Fighting Temeraire”

    “The Fighting Temeraire” by JMW Turner is a symbolic painting depicting real life events. The work marks the passing of an epoch – the transition of sail to steam – as the old man-of-war and veteran of Trafalgar is towed to the breakers yard. But in all the pomp and ceremony surrounding the painting, it has gone almost unnoticed that parts of the warship can be seen today in the parish church of St Mary’s Rotherhithe.

  • World War Two Meets Science Fiction: Pirate Radio and Micronations

    World War Two Meets Science Fiction: Pirate Radio and Micronations

    These bizarre fortified towers look more like a cross between the Imperial Walkers from Star Wars and the Martians from War of the Worlds. In the context of the time they were built – the Second World War – they must have looked impossibly futuristic. Today, their rusting shells seem like an invading hoard of mechanical monsters – the opposite, in fact, of what they actually are.

  • Abandoned Aircraft From Across the World

    Abandoned Aircraft From Across the World

    Modern aircraft are at the forefront of cutting edge technology and science, defying the laws of physics on a daily basis through a myriad of computer-controlled interventions. But once their service lives are over, military aircraft in particular can go from being multi-million dollar front-line hardware to mere scrap value.

  • The Road to Bagram

    The Road to Bagram

    The road to Bagram Airfield in the Parwan Province of Afghanistan is littered with the spoils of war, most of it now completely destroyed. The desert floor abounds with the wreckage of Soviet era military equipment, including tanks and other armoured vehicles.

  • Innovative Power Station Conversions

    Innovative Power Station Conversions

    Despite being traditionally labelled as “eye-sores”, its amazing what a little imagination and foresight can bring to former industrial buildings. For instance, northern England’s “dark Satanic mills” have been transformed from eighteenth century hell holes to some of the most stylish and interesting renovations. And as we can see here, even derelict power stations can provide a blank canvas for twenty-first century recreation.

  • Exploring Mysterious Abandoned Mansions

    Exploring Mysterious Abandoned Mansions

    Many of us would jump at the opportunity to live in a period property. The thought of reclaiming the character intrinsic within those old features and integrating it into a modern living space is irresistable, barring the price tag of course! Here’s a small selection of some very fine yet derelict mansions. If money were no object, how would you fancy taking on one of these as a renovation project?

  • Gargoyles: The Demonic, The Animalistic & The Funny

    Gargoyles: The Demonic, The Animalistic & The Funny

    Have you ever wondered why countless old buildings – especially churches and holy places – have grotesque statues, known as gargoyles, emerging from their roof tops? How would you like these abominable creatures leering at you each time you walk past your own home?

  • The Abandoned City of Pripyat

    The Abandoned City of Pripyat

    As seen in this earlier post, there are numerous reasons why settlements become deserted and are reduced to ghost towns. Depletion of natural resources, surplus industry and lawlessness have all contributed to settlers uprooting themselves and their families and moving on. But sometimes disasters on an unprecedented scale can lead to larger urban areas – even whole cities – being abandoned.


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