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  • 10 Spectacular Aircraft Ejections

    10 Spectacular Aircraft Ejections

    They say any landing you walk away from is a good one. But does the same thing go for ejecting? In this amazing sequence of footage we see aircraft colliding with one another, overshooting aircraft carrier runways and simply breaking apart in mid-air – with the pilots at the controls “banging out” out at the last possible second.

  • Mighty O to Great Carrier Reef: Chronology of a Sunken Aircraft Carrier

    Mighty O to Great Carrier Reef: Chronology of a Sunken Aircraft Carrier

    On May 17, 2006 the aircraft carrier USS Oriskany was sunk off the coast of Florida, becoming the world’s largest artificial reef. This article, including 41 great images, examines Oriskany’s naval career from construction to the Vietnam War to her final fate as a haven for marine life and recreation spot for divers.

  • In Pictures: Vulcan XH558 – Last of a Legend

    In Pictures: Vulcan XH558 – Last of a Legend

    This mighty delta forms the unmistakable outline of the iconic Vulcan bomber, Britain’s Cold War nuclear deterrent. The Vulcan in the picture, XH558, is the last flying example of the type, kept alive by a dedicated team of enthusiasts and the unconditional support of her fans. But not all Vulcans have been so lucky…

  • Is there Beauty in Urban Decay?

    Is there Beauty in Urban Decay?

    The answer is highly subjective, but many urban explorers and those fascinated by hidden history would say “yes”. Smashing Magazine explores the subject of urban decay in a fantastic must-see photo essay, while this collection of 42 stunning images should help you decide. Please let us know what you think!

  • The Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia

    The Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia

    The spellbinding Pinnacles in the eponymous Pinnacles Desert are among Australia’s most impressive limestone rock formations. Created from the seashells of an ancient ocean rich in marine life, the shells were broken down into lime rich sand blown inland to form high dunes. From these dunes, the formation of the Pinnacles emerged.

  • The Semi Submerged Church at Curon Venosta

    The Semi Submerged Church at Curon Venosta

    Some time ago Weburbanist did a fantastic article entitled 7 Submerged Wonders of the World, highlighting an astounding selection of underwater cities, monuments and statues. Here’s one with a twist! This semi-submerged bell tower is all that can be seen of the church at Curon Venosta, a small Northern Italian town flooded to make way for an artificial lake.

  • 6 Overgrown Cemeteries, Tombs and Catacombs

    6 Overgrown Cemeteries, Tombs and Catacombs

    We’ve all experienced those cliched opening scenes of horror films where the wind whistles through the trees of an overgrown cemetery. But some cemeteries are so eerie that it’s hard not to be taken in by the tangled grave stones fit for any Hammer Horror production and catacombs worthy of Indiana Jones.

  • The Enigmatic Nasca Lines

    The Enigmatic Nasca Lines

    The mysterious Nasca Lines etched into the desert of Peru are among the world’s most puzzling ancient geoglyphs. Photographer Christian Haugen has captured one of the many carvings fantastically, which also include stylised hummingbirds, monkeys, sharks, lizards and so on.

  • Abandoned Cincinnati Subway

    Abandoned Cincinnati Subway

    Abandoned tunnels are enough to spur the imagination of most urban explorers. The subterranean world beneath some city streets is a labyrinth of deserted subways and abandoned stations. Cincinnati not only hides America’s largest abandoned subway, but one that was also doomed before the completion of the project could ever be realised.


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