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What is Urban Ghosts?

Urban Ghosts is best described as an offbeat online magazine about abandoned places, hidden history and offbeat travel.

Why abandoned places?

Ever wandered through your home town and noticed an abandoned theatre, bricked-up church, or crumbling mansion, and wondered what’s inside?  Ever given a thought to its history, or what it was like in past days?  We take you beyond those locked doors from the comfort of your home computer.

Why hidden history?

History is all around us, on every street corner.  Almost every place has a story to tell, but so much goes unnoticed, or simply pales into insignificance alongside heavy-hitting giants like the pyramids.  Urban Ghosts Media aims to highlight those lesser known fascinations – and sometimes the popular ones too.

Why alternative travel?

Each article transports you somewhere, be it a mysterious island or the humble birth place of the Titanic, but it wouldn’t necessarily be your primary holiday destination!  We love mainstream places but prefer to showcase ones that are less well known.

Do you cover anything else?

There’s always room for additional topics, but these broad areas offer limitless options.  We’re fond of a good bit of mystery and legend, and also have a geeky appreciation of planes and other impressive machines, and try to fit them in from time to time.

When was Urban Ghosts Media first launched?

Our first ever article, Famous Landmark: The Angel of the North, hit the internet on 20 August, 2009.

What is your style?

Article style has evolved since August 2009, and Urban Ghosts Media is very much a work in progress.  While UGM is more e-magazine than photo blog, we’ve settled on a high-impact visual style that is image-heavy and accompanied by a concise narrative.

Your name has “Ghosts” in it.  Is this a Paranormal website?

No, but that doesn’t mean we’re not fascinated by the paranormal!  “Urban Ghosts” stands for places that have passed into obscurity, lesser known subjects of historical interest, and the more shadowy corners of the world.

Why “Urban Ghosts Media” and not just “Urban Ghosts”?

After deciding on a name, we learned that there is an established Canadian street photography blog called Urban Ghost.  It’s a fantastic blog but the name was just too similar, so we decided to add “Media” to the title.  If you came here looking for Urban Ghost, you can find it here.

How can I get involved?

Numerous ways!  Most importantly, stop by when you fancy a five minute escape from the daily grind and enjoy our latest content.  If you really like it, which we hope you do, sign up for email updates, connect with us via Twitter or join the conversation on Facebook (Follow Me buttons in right sidebar).

Most importantly?

Comment on our articles (we love getting comments, just not spam), tell your friends about us, and send us some feedback to let us know what you like and what you think can be improved.  Finally, if you have any great photographs and ideas for content we’d love to hear from you!

Where is Urban Ghosts Media based?

Urban Ghosts Media Ltd is based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK.

Who is Tom?

I’m a journalist originally from Sheffield, UK. This blog can be attributed in part to my roots in a northern city steeped in industrial history, where the contrast between bleak and elegant was stark. I’m also a keen traveller and have backpacked across four continents, with South America, Africa and Antarctica to be conquered when time permits. In addition to Urban Ghosts, I am a contributing blogger at HuffPost Travel.

About Images

All images are either public domain, Creative Commons licensed or posted with permission (all fully attributed).  In each case, our policy is to do everything we can to ensure the original photographer or copyright holder is credited in full.  If we have inadvertently used an image without the appropriate permissions that you would like removed, or if we have credited you incorrectly, please send us a message via the contact form (or urbanghosts AT gmail.com) and we will deal with it immediately as per your wishes.  Similarly, if you notice a mistake in the attribution of any images on the site, please let us know so we can correct it as soon as possible.


All information and images on this website are for educational purposes only.  In no way do we advocate trespassing on private property or entering dangerous locations where there could be many hazards, including but not limited to, asbestos, needles, structurally unsound buildings and the like.  Always seek full and proper permission and take the appropriate precautions when entering private property and dangerous locations.  Finally, never forget that real urban explorers love and respect the places they visit, and always leave them in the same condition in which they found them.


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