Crimean Atomic Energy Station: An Unfinished Nuclear Power Plant

The abandoned Crimean Atomic Energy Station on the Crimean Peninsula between Ukraine and Russia (Image: Tiia Monto. The abandoned Crimean Atomic Energy Station)

Not only was the Crimean Atomic Energy Station abandoned, but it was also unfinished. Work began on the plant’s construction in 1976. But when the site was inspected in the wake of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster, it was found to be located in a geologically hazardous location, and the project was immediately abandoned in 1989.

Crimea's ruined nuclear power station near the town of Shcholkine. (Image: Merkushev Vladimir)

The nearby town of Shcholkine, which was built in 1978 to house the unfinished nuclear power station’s workers, was ultimately inhabited, and is now a popular tourist destination and dacha site in Crimea. But the giant, ruinous form of the abandoned Crimean Atomic Energy Station towers over Aqtas Lake and the surrounding landscape around the cape of Kazantyp.

The derelict ruin of the Crimean Atomic Energy Station near the town of Shcholkine, Crimea (Image: Antropomant)

During the 1990s the abandoned nuclear power station was home to the Kazantip electronic music festival, aptly known locally as the Reaktor. It later came under the control of Ukraine’s Ministry of Fuel until 2004, when it was passed to the government of Crimea. The dilapidated Crimean Atomic Energy Station were sold again the following year, but the building remains a neglected ruin.

Crimean Atomic Energy Station, an unfinished nuclear power station (Image: Lite)

(Image: Google Street View)

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