Blub: Berlin’s Abandoned “Air and Bathing Paradise” (in Pictures)

Blub, an abandoned water park in Germany, also known as Berlin Air and Bathing Paradise (All images by Thilo Kalkbrenner. Abandoned Blub: Berlin Air and Bathing Paradise)

“Berlin is one of the world’s most exciting and dynamic modern cities,” wrote Deb Kelly in our recent feature looking at the hidden side of Germany’s otherwise vibrant capital. But as that article revealed, the city has its fair share of abandoned places spanning the decades. Among Berlin’s varied ruins are industrial sites, embassies, ballrooms, amusement parks, universities, military sites and more. But one place we didn’t include in our round-up was Blub, a derelict water park that closed down in 2005. Since then, the failed attraction has fallen into complete decay and is now being redeveloped.

The derelict ruins of the Berlin Air and Bathing Paradise

Officially named Berliner Luft und Badeparadies (or Berlin Air and Bathing Paradise), Blub opened in 1985 in the German locality of Britz, alongside the Teltow canal. The vast swimming pool complex was once one of West Berlin’s main public attractions, but visitor numbers dropped in the years following reunification. The park struggled on but with only 220,000 visitors in 2001, not to mention a major rat infestation, Blub was largely abandoned the following year.

Abandoned Berliner Luft und Badeparadies

Attempts were made to breathe new life into the one-time Berlin Air and Bathing Paradise, but it wasn’t to be. As the Guardian reported in 2015: “Abandoned to rats and graffiti since its closure in 2005, the atmospherically derelict Blub is to be torn down this year for 450 luxury apartments by the imaginatively named H-Group, a consortium of Munich-based investors. The new buildings will apparently feature ‘modern, inviting architecture for a wide variety of housing and living models” and spacious green areas to ensure “unique and premium open spaces for the future residents”‘.”

Berlin's abandoned Blub water park is now poised for redevelopment

The newspaper added that “construction on “Greenpark” is due to be completed by 2020.” But in the meantime, we’ll leave you with this selection of ruins photographs taken in the years since Berliner Luft und Badeparadies, aka Berlin Air and Bathing Paradise or Blub, was abandoned to rodents and vandals.

(All images by Thilo Kalkbrenner)

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