Spend a Luxury Night in a Converted Pigsty (North Yorkshire)

The converted pigsty in North Yorkshire restored by the Landmark Trust (Image: John Lindsay; converted pigsty in North Yorkshire, England)

Chances are you won’t find many pigsties as grand as this one – both in terms of architectural elegance or the level of luxury on offer. But while this beautifully restored structure may no longer house pigs, its original owner went the extra mile to keep his porcine friends comfortable.

According to the Landmark Trust, which restored the now converted pigsty overlooking Robin Hood’s Bay, in North Yorkshire, to its former glory: “Once really a sty, Squire Barry of Fyling Hall is said to have been inspired by the classical architecture he had seen in the Mediterranean during his travels in the 1880s when building this home for his pigs.”

This inspired example of adaptive reuse sleeps two and rent from £262 for four nights. And as it turns out, it’s not the only repurposed pig dwelling we’ve featured on Urban Ghosts over the years. The example below (more here) saw the ruined exterior effectively preserved during the conversion.

Adaptive reuse: abandoned pig barn becomes modern home (Image: FNP Architeckten; another converted pig barn)



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