Classic Urbex: Vintage Abandoned Jaguar & Racing Car in Portugal

Haunting urban exploration photograph of an abandoned vintage Jaguar (Image: Diogo Ramos Fotografia; vintage abandoned Jaguar)

For those with an interest in vintage cars, aircraft, and pretty much any antique collectable one can imagine, a ‘barn find’ is the ultimate discovery (we’ve seen a few of them on Urban Ghosts to date). The idea that classic treasures can sit tucked away for years inside anonymous buildings is itself compelling. These haunting photographs by Diogo Ramos reveal two vintage vehicles discovered inside an abandoned building in Portugal. They’re understood to known to urban explorers and photographers across Europe, though the Portuguese urbex community is remaining tight-lipped on their whereabouts.

Abandoned racing car in Portugal (Image: Diogo Ramos Fotografia)

The abandoned racing car, which sports a liberal coating and dirt and grime, wears the number seven forward of its small windscreen. But it’s the vintage Jaguar (top) that is the major draw to this undisclosed location. Filthy, neglected, its tires long deflated, the ageing vehicle would no doubt prove the ideal long-term restoration project for many an enthusiast and collector.

Explore more of Diogo Ramos’ photographs on his Facebook page.

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