An Ancient Stone Circle in Ethereal Concept Art

An Ancient Stone Circle in Ethereal Concept Art (Image: Mysticsartdesign; ethereal concept art depicting a stone circle)

Ancient stone circles have always had a mystical quality to them, due to a combination of the largely mysterious nature of their construction and likely the more recent focus afforded such ancient monuments by the New Age community. So, in many ways, these relics of Neolithic and Bronze Age farmers need no further magicalisation. But there’s no denying that they make great subjects for concept artists seeking to do just that.

The above work by Mysticartdesign depicts sunrise (or sunset) over an anonymous stone circle. The standing stones that make up the lower half of the circle are partly submerged in a pool of water, as crows (which are believed by some cultures to carry the souls of the deceased) stand on and swoop over the megaliths. It’s a dreamlike image, though one that may have taken its cues from a real monument. If you recognise the ancient stone circle behind this ethereal concept art, please let us know!

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