Abandoned Langdon Battery Observation Post Tunnel, Dover

Abandoned Langdon Battery Observation Post Tunnel near Dover, England (Image: Disco-Dan; tunnels beneath Langdon Battery Observation Post)

Built in 1898 to ward off German invasion, the Langdon Battery at Dover defended the shores of Britain in both World Wars. In 1916, it unleashed white hot lead into a zeppelin that had been bombing Dover, sending it crashing into the Channel. In World War Two, it valiantly fired upon Luftwaffe aircraft at the height of the Blitz. Damaged in both conflicts, it was finally decommissioned in 1970.

Nowadays, the surface buildings are used by the HM Coastguard, while the tunnels beneath remain empty. Captured in these eerie photographs, they slowly turn to dust, leftovers from the 20th century’s most-brutal conflicts. Perhaps the most impressive abandoned wartime tunnels in the Dover area are those of the Fan Bay Deep Shelter, which weren’t unearthed until 2014.

Derelict wartime tunnels Langdon Battery Observation Post

Forgotten wartime relics in the tunnels beneath Langdon Battery Observation Post

Abandoned wartime coastal defences of Britain (Images: Disco-Dan)



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