Eerie Photos of 25 Derelict Homes Around the World

(Image: Donnie Nunley)

Derelict homes are always a sad sight to behold, places once filled with life that have, for whatever reason, fallen eerily silent. In this series of photographs by urban and rural explorers, we take a look at 25 forsaken houses across the world, from grand mansions to remote farmhouses and romantic, humble crofts. Above: an abandoned house near the Blue Ridge Parkway in southwestern Virginia, USA.

Derelict Homes: Ghost House, Location Unknown

(Image: Singh)

Derelict “Eddy” House in Ohio, USA

(Image: Mike)

Abandoned House in Kota Tinggi, Malaysia

(Image: Nicolas Lannuzel)

Derelict Farmhouse in Millerstown, Pennsylvania, USA

(Image: Wendy)

Abandoned Mansion in Cologne, Germany

(Image: Suedkollektiv)

Derelict House in Calgary, Canada

(Image: Bill Longstaff)

Forgotten Farmhouse in Ireland

(Image: Philip Daly)

Decaying Country House in Maryland, USA

(Image: Christy Henderson)

Forgotten Mansion in Italy

(Image: Roberto Pani)

Derelict Mansion in the Midwest, USA

(Image: Don Graham)

Abandoned Gibson House in Georgia, USA

(Image: Bert Cash)

Abandoned Farmhouse in Jonah, Texas, USA

(Image: Anne Worner)

Forgotten Croft House in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland

(Image: Simaron)

Eerie Forgotten House in North Karelia, Finland

(Image: //anttironkalnen)

Aband0ned House Outside Harriettsville, Ohio

(Image: Mike)

Derelict Home in Nova Scotia, Canada

(Image: Teresa Alexander-Arab)

Abandoned Residence on Cat Island, Bahamas

(Image: Trish Hartmann)

Abandoned 18th Century Mansion in East German

(Image: Jan Bommes)

Derelict House in Cagliari, Italy

(Image: Roberto Pani)

Abandoned Victorian House in Pennsylvania, USA

(Image: Forsaken Fotos)

Abandoned Farm House in New York, USA

(Image: Lisa)

Flooded House in Sardinia, Italy

(Image: Roberto Pani)

Abandoned House in Belarus

(Image: Ilya)

Shuttered House in Nova Scotia, Canada

(Image: Teresa Alexander-Arab)

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