Hauntingly Beautiful Abandoned Chapel in France

Ornate, decorative and bathed in an ethereal light, this hauntingly beautiful abandoned chapel in France is one of the grandest we've ever seen. (Image: Jérémy RONDAN; an abandoned chapel in France)

Ornate, decorative and bathed in an ethereal light, this hauntingly beautiful abandoned chapel in France is one of the grandest we’ve ever seen. A carpet of foliage covers the floor, the glass in the windows is long gone and a refreshing lack of vandalism means the forgotten religious building looks unusually pristine, at least in these photographs. Yet large chunks of carved masonry lying amid the greenery suggest the structure is not as sound as it appears at first glance.

Look close and you’ll see the stations of the cross in the panels beneath the tall windows. Several appear to be well preserved, while those on the opposite wall seem to be more heavily decayed. Elsewhere, broken floor tiles can be made out amid the blanket of green that has consumed the nave.

Inside the abandoned French chapel (Image: Jérémy RONDAN)

The derelict place of worship was photographed by urban explorer Jérémy Rondan, who is based in Le Moule, Guadeloupe, a region of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles. Writing on Flickr, Rondam, who was in France on vacation when he encountered the ruin, said: “Today, I went to explore an abandoned chapel, built in late 19th century. I got lucky because of the light conditions.”

It’s unknown whether the abandoned chapel is a stand-alone building or attached to another religious institution, such as a monastery, a school or even a grand home. The elegant stone-built structure may not be the largest church ruin that we’ve featured on Urban Ghosts, but it’s certainly one of the most visually striking.

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