Abandoned Combat Vehicles on the “Elephant Beach”

Abandoned combat vehicles on the "Elephant Beach" (All images by Martin Briquet Photography)

Amid the sands of a remote beach somewhere in western Europe, a neglected group of tanks and abandoned infantry fighting vehicles rest, their decaying hulls slowly rotting away. Photographer Martin Briquet (who also documented a vast aircraft cemetery known as La Casse Mirage) visited the western European location and returned with these haunting photographs.

A derelict infantry fighting vehicle lies in the sand of the "Elephant Beach"

More abandoned fighting vehicles and armoured personnel carriers (All images by Martin Briquet Photography)

The vehicles are understood to stand on an old military gunnery range. Though few people know of its whereabouts, the site is known to some as “the Elephant Beach”. Certainly the derelict armoured vehicles remain refreshingly free of vandalism – save for the hundreds of shell holes that riddle their battered hulls.

Bullet holes riddle the hulls of the abandoned armoured vehicles

(All images by Martin Briquet Photography)

Their external condition suggests the abandoned fighting vehicles have stood out on the range for many years. While the tank carcasses have weathered down to their familiar earthen hue, the infantry carriers now blend uncannily into the sand of the so-called Elephant Beach around them.

An abandoned tank slowly rusts away at the "Elephant Beach"

The gun of the derelict tank points motionless across the sand

(All images by Martin Briquet Photography)

The vehicles’ interiors are no different. Their cabins are little more than empty spaces strewn with sand, the light streaming in through the holes made by hundreds of bullets and other ordnance.

Derelict carcasses of abandoned infantry fighting vehicles litter the beach

The gutted cabin of a derelict armoured vehicle

An abandoned combat vehicle lies on the "Elephant Beach" somewhere in western Europe (All images by Martin Briquet Photography)

If you’re a fan of military history, including derelict combat vehicles, be sure to explore 10 abandoned tank graveyards across the world.



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