The Bizarre “Fakelore” of Hell Town, Ohio

cuyahoga-valley-national-park-where-the-abandoned-ghost-town-of-hell-town-lurks (Image: Taximes)

From Hollywood to the Big Apple, America is full of urban legends and modern folklore. But there’s one place in between that has such a bizarre mix of every sort of paranormal tale out there that it’s fascinating for an entirely different reason.

With a name like Hell Town, there has to be some pretty terrible history there, right? Weird US took a closer look at the Ohio township, and found that the area once known as Boston Mills had accumulated an astonishing number of urban legends.

Legend holds that the forests around Hell Town (or Helltown) are the haunt of everything from ghosts to serial killers and Satanists, and one claim suggests that the abandoned homes aren’t truly abandoned. The “No Trespassing” signs –  some say – were supposed installed to warn curiosity-seekers away from a village which was set up by the government to house people that had been mutated by exposure to toxic chemicals.

The gutted remains of an abandoned school bus are said to sit in the forest, haunted by the spirits of children who were murdered by a serial killer. Ghosts wander through the cemetery at night, and faces can be seen in a nearby barn once said to have served as the town’s slaughterhouse.

One of the township’s churches was supposedly taken over for the dark masses of a Satanic cult. Enter the town at night, it’s said, and you’ll find yourself being followed by a spectral hearse.

So what’s really going on in rural Ohio?

cuyahoga-valley-national-park-where-the-abandoned-ghost-town-of-hell-town-lurks-2 (Image: Kevin Payravi)

The town was founded in 1806 as Boston Village, and up until 1974 it was just an ordinary American town. But the unfortunate town’s residents would eventually come to learn that they were in the way of progress when a federal bill allowed for the creation of new protected areas – including the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Homes and properties were seized by eminent domain, buildings were boarded up, and slowly, the town was demolished. Those who visited the Boston Village after the compulsory purchase order had been initiated saw just a ghost town.

When a 1985 discovery of rusted, toxic drums leaking in the nearby Krejci Dump made at least one hiker sick, the idea that Hell Town had been abandoned to cover up a chemical spill was added to the so-called fakelore that grew up around the deserted community. From there, it was just a matter of letting people’s imaginations run wild, and create the stories of the not-so-scary Hell Town.

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