Upcycled British Bus Becomes New Orleans Pool House

routemaster-bus-new-orleans-pool-house (All images via Apartment Therapy)

The UK’s┬ávintage buses have been reused for all sorts of purposes over the years, especially London’s famous Routemasters, which were retired from England’s capital in December 2005. This particularly inspired example of a repurposed Bristol Lodekka, once used in Scotland, found its way to New Orleans and became the pool house of artist Miranda Lake.


Featured on Apartment Therapy, Miranda, who also has a guest house for rent, described the double-decker retro refurb as “one big shiny, giant happy pill you can actually get inside of.”


Hat tip to Messy Nessy.

Edit: this article originally stated, mistakenly, that this was an old London Routemaster bus. It is in fact a Scottish Bus Group Bristol Lodekka. Thanks to skodaalan and Royale431 who pointed this out to us in the comments.



  • anonymous

    I would have kept it red.

  • Tom

    shodaalan thank you for your comment – we apologise for the mistake there and appreciate the feedback!

  • Tom

    Royale431 no apology necessary, I’m an anorak myself (mainly in the plane department, as opposed to buses, clearly)! Your feedback and the link are greatly appreciated. I apologise for the error in this article and appreciate you pointing us in the right direction. The bus in the photo you’ve posted is a beauty!

  • Royale431

    I should point out, this is not my photo, but was found on a Flickr stream belonging to Stephen Dowle; the link should take you directly there.

  • Royale431

    Hi Tom, thanks for the reply. As noted below, and just for clarity, the photo is not mine, but appears in the stream of Flickr member Stephen Dowle – the link takes you directly to his stream.

  • Tom

    Hi Royale431, thanks for confirming and that’s fine. I’ve check the photo and the link on this end and both lead to the right place. The comment system appears to pull the thumbnail image in. Again thank you for the info!


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