Motorbike Graveyard in Western New York

abandoned-motorbike-graveyard (All images by Chris Seward (Google Plus), cc-nc-nd-4.0)

According to photographer Chris Seward, this extensive motorcycle graveyard lingered in an abandoned building near the Erie Canal in Western New York, long after the structure itself had been condemned. The owner of the building reportedly died in the 1970s and the bikes – some of them antiques – remained on site until recently, when the place was finally cleared.



As Seward says: “The motorcycle graveyard, as my friends and I are now calling it, is definitely one of the most eerie, strangest places I have ever been, and i think these pictures really speak to the tendency for old things to be forgotten in america, especially in rural areas, where a building can lay unoccupied for decades.”



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  • Anne Staley

    OMG. I see only metal scrap. recycle it

  • If enthusiasts dont get the chance to buy the bikes and parts before the bikes and building are scrapped, it defeats the purpose of storing the bikes in the first place.

  • Tom

    Graham, I agree with you and hope something can be done with these other than total decay or scrapping.