Corgi Toy Cars Transformed into Mini Scrap Yard

corgi-mini (All images by Scarycrow, reproduced with permission)

Corgi Toys came into being in 1956, meaning those born in the UK during the second half of the 20th century have probably come across them at some point. And as the rough and tumble of child’s play took its toll on them and other toys, the sight of a die-cast vehicle sporting chipped paint and general beat-up appearance was commonplace – so much so that Flickr user ‘Scarycrow‘ was inspired to create some rather photogenic ‘scrap yard’ scenes with his Corgi Mini Minors and vans.


It may be pushing it to suggest the battered cars represent lost childhood, but they certainly reflect a creative way to reuse old toys that might otherwise have been confined indefinitely to a box in the attic.



And while die-cast cars look nice in their boxes or displayed in cabinets, the damaged paintwork and cracked windows give these old Minis a strange visual appeal that is missing in a pristine model. Perhaps that’s why photographs of vintage vehicle graveyards can be more compelling than restored examples?

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