15 Top Links of the Week (Part 8)

secret-museum (Image: Garrett Ziegler (website: We Heart New York), cc-nc-nd-3.0)

In our latest link round-up, we delve into the usual diverse assortment of urban history and offbeat curiosities, as well as the wonders and perils of urban exploration and the strange allure of abandoned places. Enjoy!

The Primitive Cameras of Czechoslovakia’s Unkempt Peeping Photographer (Tech Graffiti)

10 Missing Treasures You Should Really be Looking for! (Neatorama)

The Abandoned Soviet Nuclear Arsenal Gouged into a Ukrainian Mountain (Environmental Graffiti)

New York’s Most Secretive Museum (Mental Floss)

Go Fly a Kite (or a Carriage): The Charvolant, 1827 (Two Nerdy History Girls)

The Abandoned Poisoned Gas Plant of Okunoshima Island (Environmental Graffiti)

Transformer Theater: Deserted House, Upcycled in Disguise (WebUrbanist)

MoD to sell WWII Tube Station Command Bunker (The Telegraph)

Photos of the Abandoned Post Office Railway go on Display (Ian Visits)

Harrowing and Surreal: New Exhibitions at Imperial War Museum (Londonist)

My Retirement from Urban Exploration (The Bohemian Blog)

A Hand-Built Urban Hobbit Home (Dornob)

Have Blue: The Still-Shadowy Lockheed Jet Buried at Groom Lake (Storm Climb)

Daily What?! What are These pre-1924 Saks & Company Planters Doing in Queens (Untapped Cities)

Send Your Dearly Departed Kin for a Musical Final Spin (Gajitz)