Venturing Inside an Abandoned Paris Ghost Station

ghost-station-abandoned-paris-arsenal (Image by (Patch), reproduced with permission)

To pedestrians wandering the streets of Paris, the only evidence of the former Arsenal métro station is a blocked entrance sitting unloved alongside Boulevard Bourdon. But in the subterranean space below lurks a set a platforms virtually unchanged (excluding graffiti) since its last passenger train rumbled away on September 2, 1939.

ghost-station-abandoned-paris-arsenal-3 (Image: ZeMeilleur, cc-sa-3.0)

Situated between Bastille and Quai de la Rapée on line 5 of the Paris métro, Arsenal was one of several subway stations in the city to close due to the mobilization of CMP employees at the start of World War Two (explore other underground ghost stations of Paris).

ghost-station-abandoned-paris-arsenal-2 (Image by (Patch), reproduced with permission)

While the abandoned platforms serve as training aids for métro employees to this day, they remain off-limits to the public and, with the exception of urban explorers, have stood silent and unseen for more than 70 years. Of course, abandoned subway stations can be found on underground networks across the world – discover more here.

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