Thunderbox to Lunchbox! Abandoned Victorian Toilet Transformed into Sandwich Shop


attendant-2 (All images by Attendant (via Facebook), reproduced with permission)

Featured earlier this year on WebUrbanist (quite possibly the best one-stop-shop online for all things urban) is an example of adaptive reuse at its best. This abandoned Victorian toilet has been transformed into one of London’s quirkiest sandwich shops – Attendant.



After lying empty and unloved for over 50 years, partners Peter Tomlinson and Ben Russell set about clearing the rubbish-strewn subterranean space in what would amount to a two-year, $150,000 renovation.


WebUrbanist reported how the pair stripped away 12 layers of paint from the wrought iron entrance that dated back more than a century. Meanwhile, the former Attendant’s office was turned into a small kitchen and a counter fitted around  the spruced-up urinals. The finishing touches – in the form of green seating – match the original Victorian floor tiles.



The former public lavatory at 27a Foley Street, built around 1890 and closed in the 1960s, is now open Monday to Saturday and offers a daily selection of sandwiches, salads, soups, coffee, tea and cakes, with free wi-fi.

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