Abandoned Chatillon Car Cemetery (PHOTOS)

car-graveyard-chatillon-belgium (All images by Rosanne de Lange Photography, reproduced with permission)

Urban Ghosts featured the mysterious Chatillon Car Graveyard last month (read the full feature here) but we decided to revisit it briefly in order to showcase these haunting images by Rosanne de Lange Photography.

Urban legend has it that when World War Two ended, departing American soldiers parked their cars in the forest near Chatillon in Belgium. Intent on retrieving them in the future, the years passed and the cars remained where they’d been left almost seven decades earlier. While many of these cars are actually post-war models, the forest has nevertheless consumed them, their shells (like this abandoned trolley graveyard) rusting into the earth.







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  • Caddy Jim

    If you look closely not one car or truck has their Headlights or Taillights. In the end I hope more are save or restored than scrapped…