Urban Exploration of a Forgotten Trolley Graveyard

abandoned-trolley-graveyard (All images by Abandoned America, reproduced with permission)

Urban explorer Matthew Christopher of the brilliant Abandoned America made two visits to this mysterious trolley graveyard, the location of which remains undisclosed.


Photographed amid the fall leaves and low winter sun, a combination of nature and neglect has transformed this former depot into an overgrown streetcar cemetery. Abandoned trolleys are stored side by side and end to end, while trees springing up from the tracks are testament to the length of time they’ve stood here.


Located throughout the de facto woodland, trolley carcasses stand in various stages of decay. Some remain on the tracks, while others have rusted so completely that their shells have collapsed around their wheels.


Saved (for now) from the scrapyard yet well beyond economical repair, their gutted shells bear witness to a lost era in urban transportation – don’t miss our feature on abandoned trolleys, streetcars and tramways.


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