The Integratron: an Acoustically Perfect Energy Machine in the California Desert

integratron (Image: Eric Allix Rogers, cc-nc-sa-3.0)

Located near Joshua Tree in the California desert, the Integratron is described, on the official website, as an “acoustically perfect tabernacle and energy machine”. It was created by George Van Tessel in the 1950s, based on the designs of Moses’ tabernacle, the writings of Nikolai Tesla and, allegedly, telepathic instructions from extra-terrestrials.

integratron ceiling (Image: Shamrox, cc-sa-3.0)

It was built with the purpose of being a rejuvenation and time machine.  According to Van Tessel, the location of the Integratron is vitally important. It is located on an intersection of geomagnetic forces, the energy from which, when amplified by the specific shape of the chamber, can be used for healing and rejuvenation.

integratron plaque (Image: Model Citizen, Public Domain)

There is, reportedly, a significant and unexplained spike in the earth’s magnetic field in the centre of the Integratron. Nowadays, although interest in its use as a time machine has largely been forgotten, it is the building’s acoustic properties which garner the most interest.

Its acoustic uniqueness is extremely popular among musicians and the space is sometimes used as a recording studio. As Van Tessel intended, however, the Integratron’s primary use is as a rejuvenation centre, where calming ‘sound baths’ are given which promote healing and cell rejuvenation. Made from only wood, it is the only acoustically perfect structure of its kind in the US.

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