Abandoned Lichtenberg Open Air Theatre in Weert

Lichtenberg-Open-Air-Theatre-abandoned (Images: Paulien van der Bel (see website & Facebook), reproduced with permission)

Located in the Netherlands city of Weert, the Lichtenberg Open Air Theatre has been abandoned for almost 20 years. The imposing structure had until recently been at the centre of a fight against demolition. Now scheduled as a national monument, its future nevertheless remains uncertain.


Lichtenberg-Open-Air-Theatre-abandoned-3 (Images: Paulien van der Bel (see website & Facebook), all rights reserved)

The modernist structure reportedly seated 3,000 people and dates to around 1960. Part of a Catholic school complex, the abandoned theatre was built close to a swimming pool, chapel and tennis courts. Time alone will tell whether the crumbling Lichtenberg Open Air Theatre is restored to its former glory. For now it remains on the radar of urban explorers, if not the population at large.


Lichtenberg-Open-Air-Theatre-abandoned-5 (Images: Paulien van der Bel (see website & Facebook), all rights reserved)

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