Google Earth Reveals Wartime Anti-Aircraft Battery

anti-aircraft-battery-millerhill-scotland (Images via Google Earth)

It’s amazing what can be found while flying around the world via Google Earth – the ghostly images of Britain’s wartime airfields, for instance, slowly returning to farmland. Meanwhile, between Dalkeith and Edinburgh, Scotland’s Places noticed this World War Two-era anti-aircraft battery virtually intact within the fields.


Located near the village of Millerhill, the installation features four gun-emplacements and a command centre. The lack of accommodation suggests the site was a decoy battery, and may have been connected to a Starfish site, one of which was known to have been built in this area.

According to Scotland’s Places, the gun emplacements (likely decoys) retain their ready-use ammunition lockers and crew shelters. See the website for more specific information and directions.

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