Notorious ‘Train Pyramids’ at Vic Berry’s Scrapyard

vic-berrys-scrap-yard-leicester-train-graveyard (Image: Paul Bettany, reproduced with permission)

These scenes of late ’80s carnage at Vic Berry’s Scrapyard in Leicester will send shivers down the spines of railway enthusiasts. Located at the former Great Central/British Railways Goods Yard, the train graveyard abounds with dozens of withdrawn diesel locomotives and carriages.


vic-berrys-scrap-yard-leicester-train-graveyard-4 (Images: Carl S. WatsonClive Warneford; cc-sa-3.0)

Wearing the dull livery of British Rail, the notorious train pyramids made for quite a spectacle beside the line from Leicester to Burton-Upon-Trent, as abandoned rolling stock awaited asbestos removal and final scrapping.


vic-berrys-scrap-yard-leicester-train-graveyard-5 (Images: Paul Bettany, reproduced with permission)

Vic Berry’s Scrapyard was closed permanently after an arson attack in 1990, which threw airborne asbestos across the city and left the site heavily contaminated. After a major clean up process, the former yard was redeveloped in 1996 as Bede Island, part of the Leicester City Challenge project.

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