Bowling Harbour Boat Graveyard, Dunbartonshire

bowling-harbour-scotland (Image: Kevin Cotterell, reproduced with permission)

The Bowling Harbour boat graveyard on the River Clyde is popular with urban explorers from Glasgow and the surrounding area. And while the abandoned vessels – some of them beached others half-submerged – make for an impressive sight, they’re merely the remains of what was once a much larger collection of shipwrecks.


bowling-harbour-scotland-3 (Images: John Guerrier, reproduced with permission)

Among them were a steam trawler, a World War Two-era minesweeper and a torpedo boat. Various wrecks have been salvaged over the decades, while others have no doubt been added to the rotting and corroding collection.



bowling-harbour-scotland-6 (Image: John Guerrier, reproduced with permission)

Bowling Harbour, located in West Dunbartonshire, became a shipbuilding and repair centre from around 1790. But the decline of shipbuilding from the mid-20th century onward turned the tide on the basin, effectively transforming it into a ship graveyard – an eyesore but also an important historical record. (Tip of the hat to Damian Moran.)

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