15 Top Links From Around the Web: Urban Exploration, World History & More

cliff-dwellings (Image: zolakoma, cc-3.0, via Environmental Graffiti)

Another week is ending and we thought you’d appreciate some inspirational content to catch-up on over the weekend! This link round-up from our friends, partners and those we admire features urban exploration, submerged cities, art, world history and much more.

India’s Centuries-Old Astronomical Observatory (Tech Graffiti)

7 Terrifying Beauty Practices from History (Mental Floss)

An Enormous Hoax: The Cardiff Giant, 1869 (Two Nerdy History Girls)

10 Remarkable Ancient Cliff Dwellings (Environmental Graffiti)

Submerged Cities: 7 Underwater Wonders of the World (WebUrbanist)

Going off-Track: Rayak Train Station (Bambi’s Soapbox)

Understanding Existentialism in Four Easy Steps (Neatorama)

Urban Exploration: Don’t Forget Your Past (The Bohemian Blog)

World Historical Sites Damaged in Conflict (BBC)

How the Legal Concept of Scientific Uncertainty Shapes Your Life (io9)

TED Talk on the Science of Jet Lag (Wanderplex)

Santa Teresa: The Carioca Montmartre (Untapped Cities)

The Golden Age of Cigar Box Art (Dark Roasted Blend)

The True Story of the Battle of Bunker Hill (Smithsonian)

5 Animal “Commuters”: Train Riding Monkeys, More (National Geographic)