Weekend Links: 15 Top Articles to Enjoy with Your Tea and Coffee!

steampunk-spider (Image: Catherinette Rings Steampunk, cc-3.0)

Sitting comfortably with your tea or coffee? If so then browse through this list of 15 great stories from our friends, partners and sites we admire! From the next linear urban park and steampunk hard drive casings to historic symbols, secret aircraft and freaky tales of cannibalism, you’ll find some fascinating subjects to enjoy this weekend.

Will the QueensWay by New York City’s Next High Line Park? (Huffington Post)

Amazing Steampunk Hard Drive Case for an Apocalyptic Future (Tech Graffiti)

7 Monumental Abandoned Wonders of Military Architecture (WebUrbanist)

Could Mystery YF-24 Aircraft be Related to Future Fighter? (Storm Climb)

Behind the Gates of Chios’s Abandoned Leper Colony (Environmental Graffiti)

Immortal Line of Cloned Mice Created (Scientific American)

Vertical Landfill: Monument to Civilisation Honors our Trash (WebUrbanist)

Model T x 2 (Two Nerdy History Girls)

The Historic Castles of Ireland (Untapped Cities)

The Corpse that Fooled Hitler (Mental Floss)

8 Historic Symbols that Mean the Opposite of What You Think (Cracked)

10 Horrific Tales of Historic Cannibalism (Listverse)

Urban Exploration: Mong Kok Rooftops, Hong Kong (The Bohemian Blog)

De-Extinction: Bring Extinct Species Back to Life (National Geographic)

Urban Explorers Descend into Sewers and Tube Tunnels in London and New York (The Telegraph)

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