Is That a Vintage Tractor Seat On That Antique Grinding Wheel?

antique-grinding-wheel-tractor-seat (Image: Beverly & Pack, cc-3.0)

The machine itself is interesting enough, but it was the seat that caught my attention! We’ve previously posted about cast-iron bar stools crafted from vintage tractor seats, and the same idea appears to be employed in this vintage grinding machine. A device of this nature would have been used for sharpening knives and other tools. But did grinding wheels use similar seats to old tractors, or was this one a later addition?

Check out this disused vintage tractor and other farm equipment in Boulder, Colorado.



  • charlie

    It is NOT a tractor seat. I have the exact same grinder with the same seat. You had to sit down to pump the pedals with both feet to make the grinding wheel turn.


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