Weekend Links: 15 Great Stories from Across the Web

canton-tower (Images: left; right; cc-sa-3.0)

We’ve been publishing link round-ups for a while now. Welcome to our updated version – great stories from across the web brought to you every Friday for your weekend viewing pleasure. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

10 Most Amazing Observation Towers (Oddee)

Krampnitz: Potsdam’s Abandoned Nazi and Soviet Military Complex (Environmental Graffiti)

The Richat Structure: The Eye of the Earth (Dark Roasted Blend)

10 Mind-Bending Implications of the Many Worlds Theories (Listverse)

Hitman Hits the Streets: Cool Portrait Created Out of 10,000 Barcodes (Tech Graffiti)

Micro Apartments are the Future of Urban Living (Smithsonian.com)

Abandoned Church Becomes Brilliant Urban Art Installation (WebUrbanist)

Brick from the Roman Empire Discovered in Washington State (Neatorama)

Wonders Abroad: A History of the Japanese Purple Machine (Wonders and Marvels)

10 Things to Do on Easter Island that Don’t Involve Stone Heads (Huffington Post)

The Strange, Secret Evolution of Babylon 5 (io9)

Urban Exploration at Larundel Asylum, Australia (The Bohemian Blog)

5 Non-Gold Treasures Stored at Fort Knox (Mental Floss)

Architects Turn Ghost Buildings to Gorgeous in Urban Revitalisation (Treehugger)

The Tunnels of NYC’s East Side Access Project (The Atlantic)

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