Aliens vs Predator: Ad Campaign Depicts Friendly Rivalry Between Lethal Space Monsters

aliens-vs-predator-chess (All images by SKY Television, reproduced with permission)

They were both lethal killers, but the Predator‘s warrior-like sense of fair play (he only hunted those who were armed) arguably made the Alien a more ruthless adversary. This advertising campaign, however, features a friendly rivalry between the two warring space monsters that pits them against each other in ways you’ve never seen before.


In one cerebral scene, the extraterrestrials battle it out on the chess board, while another shows them playing swing-ball  A third image, meanwhile, depicts the Predator taking his turn on the pool table while the Alien, pint of beer to his side, leans casually on the bar.


The Aliens vs Predator campaign was created by DDB Group for SKY Television New Zealand in anticipation of the film’s release several years ago. Find out more at The Inspiration Room.

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