Adopt a Kiosk: Give an Iconic Red Telephone Box a Second Chance!

abandoned-red-telephone-box (Image: Rick Harris, cc-sa-3.0)

They’ve been shipped to collectors overseas and repurposed as book exchanges and toilets. Some are even still in use. But an alarming number of Britain’s much loved red telephone boxes have been left out in the cold, abandoned in de facto kiosk graveyards across the UK and beyond.

They’re an enduring and somewhat ironic symbol of Britishness, shunned upon introduction by the same village communities that fought tooth and nail for their preservation when threatened with replacement.

abandoned-red-kiosk (Images: Jon Burneycc-nc-sa-3.0)

They’ve been transformed into unofficial shrines to Sherlock Holmes, creatively converted into urban art installations and placed outside British-themed pubs throughout the world.

They were designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott and introduced following a competition in 1924. They’ve since captured the public imagination with their decaying remains documented by the mainstream press and blogosphere. Their numbers in telephone box graveyards are rapidly decreasing – but they have been forever immortalised online – find out more, and learn how you can adopt a kiosk.

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