The Temple: Victorian Toilet transformed into a Quirky Bar (Manchester, UK)

(Images: hellabella, cc-nc-sa-3.0; Neil Curry, all rights reserved)

We’re big fans of adaptive reuse at Urban Ghosts, and The Temple at 100 Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester, is a fine example. A former urinal built during the Victorian-era, the one-time dingy subterranean toilet is now one of the city’s most popular bars.

(Images: Thomas Nugent, cc-sa-3.0; Diego’s sideburns, cc-nc-nd-3.0)

Like many public toilets in modern times, it could have been locked-up or even filled-in. But thanks to some imagination, The Temple (formerly called the Temple of Convenience) has attained the well deserved label of local institution. Furthermore, the jukebox is said to be the best in town and the bottled beer selection is extensive.

(Images: Dominic Roberts, all rights reserved; Steve Garry, cc-3.0)

The toilets are rather dingy, but by all accounts the philosophical graffiti, which is encouraged, makes for some great reading. In addition to its lively ambiance, The Temple is a regular haunt for some of Manchester’s top musicians. Spend a penny there when you’re in town (sorry, couldn’t resist!), and check out some more creatively converted public toilets here.

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