Plaque on a Gate Post marks former Entrance to a Forgotten Isolation Hospital

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Surrounding a 1960s housing estate in the Lodge Moor area of Sheffield is a wall that clearly dates to an earlier time. Its original purpose is revealed by a brass plaque on a stone gate post that reads:

These are the gates of the former Crimicar Lane Isolation Hospital, Opened 1901, Closed 1956.

Also known as the Crimicar Lane Hospital and Sanatorium, the institution actually opened in 1887 with a compliment of 12 wards, all wood construction. By the turn of the century, however, it was decided to redevelop the site with permanent stone buildings to accomodate 146 smallpox patients.

The isolation wards and administration block were in use by 1901, with a total of six wards completed by the following year. In addition to smallpox, Crimicar Lane Hospital was later used to treat tuberculosis patients, but by the 1950s a decision was made to move all patients to the nearby Lodge Moor Hospital and redevelop the site for housing.

(Image (above, right): Mick Knapton, cc-sa-3.0)

Crimicar Lane Isolation Hospital closed in 1956 and the gates are all that remain today. Lodge Moor Hospital, meanwhile, remained in use until 1994. It too was transformed into a housing estate, although some of the older buildings, including the historic clock tower, were adapted for reuse.

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