The Colourful Fishing Boats of India’s Konkan Coast amid an impending Monsoon

colourful-fishing-boats-india (Image: Dey.sandip, cc-3.0)

Wikimedia‘s picture of the day features the colourful fishing boats of Anjarle village on the Konkan Coast of Maharashtra, India. Fishing is the dominant livelihood in the region and boats also play a key role in the transportation of goods.

colourful-fishing-boats-konkan-coast-india (Image: Dey.sandip, cc-3.0)

During the monsoon season, fishermen are often unable to put to sea, and this scene shows boats moored in a creek at Anjarle as the impending rains approach.


While fishing remains an important local industry, elsewhere in the world it has declined dramatically. At Tavira in Portugal, a melancholy anchor graveyard reflects the passing of an epoch. Meanwhile, it’s not just India’s fishing boats that are colourful. Its cities are too, especially Amer, Jodhpur and Jaipur.

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