The Flooded Church of St Nicholas Submerged in Mavrovo Lake, Macedonia

(Image: Rilind Hoxha, cc-nd-3.0)

Not far from the highest waterfall in the Balkans and what some consider to be the most beautiful canyon in the world lies Mavrovo Lake, a national park in Macedonia that’s also famous for its semi-submerged church. Set in breathtaking scenery amid grassy plateaus and snowy peaks, the abandoned church of St Nicholas was reportedly the victim of an artificial lake created to supply water to a local power plant.

(Image: Ggia, cc-3.0)

Unlike the submerged church of Curon Venosta in Italy, where only the steeple protrudes from the water, the top half of St Nicholas’ is still visible, emerging from the lake immediately offshore of the village that it once served. Today, weeds grow from the ruins and the tiled roof of the tower is collapsing, but this ruined building looks set to remain a point of interest on the landscape for years to come.

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