30 Haunting Abandoned Doors (in Pictures)

(Images reproduced under a CC-3.0 license. See below for image credits.)

Have you ever wandered past an abandoned door and wondered what lurks beyond?  Many urbex images of abandoned buildings focus on their main entrances – some simple, others ornate, some dilapidated or preserved, others sealed or broken. Such objects stir the imagination and sometimes conceal myriad hidden treasures, from derelict theatres with silent auditoriums to grand civic buildings and mansions with fine interiors. But abandoned doorways can be visually striking in their own right, transformed by time and decay, some of them unique to a region or country, others more generic. These 30 photos offer a variety.

(Image: Katherine Grey (website: Museful), cc-nc-sa-3.0)

Montage Image credits:

Al Muya, George Foster (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ), Yndra, the_original_ninja_from_ginj, Tim Green, oksidor, Paul Stevenson, Danielle Walquist Lynch, visulogic, Chris Samuel, manunderstress, AlicePopkorn, anyjazz65 (2), Orin Zebest, Shoes on Wires, Patrick Feller (2, 3), ctd 2005, Dendroica cerulea, Trondheim Byarkiv, Photography by Lynette, Ted Van Pelt

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