Dunlewy Old Church: Eerily Intact and Reputedly Haunted

(Image: Ross, cc-sa-3.0)

Consecrated on September 1, 1853, the ruined “Old Church Dunlewy” is a striking landmark in rural Donegal, Ireland. Overlooking the Poisoned Glen at the foot of Errigal, the enigmatic abandonment, built from locally-quarried white marble, was once part of the Dunlewy Estate and stands above a solitary gravestone in the adjacent churchyard.

(Images: Joseph Mischyshyn (left, right), cc-sa-3.0)

The decline of the Dunlewy Estate brought about the church’s closure, and by 1955 the roof had been removed for safety reasons. Proud of their church, the local community have been actively engaged in the building’s preservation since 1987, ensuring its survival for the benefit of future generations. Some also say that few will go near the church, believing it to be haunted.

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