Jussarö: The Only Ghost Town in Finland

(Image: Migro, public domain)

While it’s tempting to imagine the lawless gold rush settlements of America’s Old West when we think of abandoned mining communities, ghost towns nevertheless abound across the globe, including Europe. An exception, however, is Finland, which boasts only one ghost town by the name of Jussarö.

(Images: Migro (Top, Middle, Bottom), public domain)

Located near the town of Ekenäs, Jussarö was an iron ore mine situated on an island with access to the largest undersea ore reserves in Finland. After the mine closed in 1967, the abandoned buildings were used by the military for urban warfare training until 2005. Since then, Jussarö has been completely deserted.

(Image: H-E Nyman, cc-sa-3.0)

The ghost town, which employed prison labour during the 19th Century, is also famous for its lighthouse (above).

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