Abandoned Magnificence: Sutton Scarsdale Hall

(Image: Phil Sangwellcc-3.0)

Sutton Scarsdale Hall may be a shadow of its former self, but its impressive ruins leave no doubt that it was once one of the finest stately homes in northern England. Located in Derbyshire, the abandoned mansion was commissioned in 1724 and owned by the Arkwright family for almost 100 years. In 1919 a group of local businessmen asset-stripped the building, selling its grand internal fittings to the highest bidder. The ruin of Sutton Scarsdale is now managed by English Heritage, while some of its treasures have now found their way to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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  • jenner

    If I could buy it, I’d want to call it Pemberley.

  • Laurence Almand

    Many of these old houses are still structurally sound, with solid brick or stone walls. Why aren’t they being restored and used instead of just wasted?

  • Dan Laxuma

    There are some like Scarsdale Hall that are being restored, such as Riber Casle which is almost as big as Scarsdale, as well as Mingary Castle in Scotland. Just google those names and they will pop up.


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