Giant Statues in The Lost Gardens of Heligan

(Image: gnomonic, cc-3.0)

The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall, UK, are home to several enormous sculptures including the “Mud Maid” and the “Giant’s Head”. The centuries-old gardens, restored in 1992, lay abandoned for over seventy years after many of the land’s caretakers died during the First World War.

(Images: Stuart Richards, cc-nd-3.0; Nikki Tysoe, cc-3.0; Conny Liegl, cc-3.0)

The estate of Heligan was previously owned by the Tremayne family, who developed the extensive gardens with exotic plants, fountains and pools. The land was handed down through generations, until the First and Second World Wars, which caused much damage and decay. The house was eventually sold off and converted into flats in the 1970s, and the garden lay dormant until the 1990s when John Willis (a descendant of the Tremayne family) started work with others on restoration.

(Images: Nikki Tysoe, cc-3.0; Martin Bodman, cc-sa-3.0; Robin Lucas, cc-sa-3.0)

The amazing giant statues appear as part of the land itself, with grass, vines and other plants looping themselves around the stone. Along with the restored pathways, structures and buildings, the gardens make for a fascinating glimpse into a different age.

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