Upcycled Pallets Provide Instant, DIY Bike Rack

(Image: lowtechatmo, cc-nc-nd-3.0)

Treehugger said it was the simplest DIY product they’d ever reported on – a bike rack adapted from two simple wooden pallets. The unaltered pallets, one leaned against the other, hold four bikes in a slightly crowded but workable arrangement.

David Maddalena, who took the photograph, writes: “The upper pallet (with top-side facing the bikes) creates the vertical slot that grabs the rear wheel and holds the bike up. The lower pallet (with top-side down) creates a ‘pocket’ for the wheel to sit in, so that the bike doesn’t roll forward and wipe out. I figure there are other ways to keep the bike rolling if you only have one pallet, like a 2×4 on the ground, to work as a wheel block.”

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