(Sub) Urban Exploration: A Closer Examination of the Abandoned Helensburgh Railway Station

(All images by Tom Jarman, all rights reserved, reproduced with permission)

This recently featured image shows the abandoned Helensburgh railway station in New South Wales hidden deep in a cutting amid decades of plant growth and overhanging branches. In this series of photographs, Tom Jarman takes us deeper into the former station, from the well-preserved sign on the platform to the mouth of the forgotten tunnel.

(All images by Tom Jarman, all rights reserved, reproduced with permission)

Opened in 1889 to transport passengers through the Illawarra region of Australian state New South Wales, Helensburgh station closed in 1915 when a modern replacement was built nearby. But rather than tearing up the track and blocking off the tunnel, the hauntingly overgrown station was left intact to be slowly reclaimed by nature, a historic local landmark and relic of railway history. Learn more at the Helensburgh and District Historical Society.

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